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The Dabblers meet Nadia Ragozhina

In our first guest special, we speak to Nadia Ragozhina, author of the family memoir Worlds Apart.

Worlds Apart Nadia Ragozhina

Nadia’s a journalist and TV producer for BBC World News and a sustainability blogger. She’s also just released her first book, a captivating memoir about her Jewish family in twentieth-century Europe.

Worlds Apart is a tapestry of stories that cascades down from two brothers, Marcus and Adolphe. Their journey starts in turn-of-the-century Warsaw and for one brother it takes him to Switzerland, the other to Soviet Russia.

In this episode we speak to Nadia about two of her favourite novels – Murakami’s 1Q84 and Yanagihara’s A Little Life, and ask her what it was like writing Worlds Apart.

Read the book, listen to the podcast, and tell us what you think.

Listen now:


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