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The Dabblers meet Ed Needham

In our third guest special, we spoke to Ed Needham, magazine veteran and editor of Strong Words - a magazine all about books!

Ed sent us a righteous list of books to discuss, including Laurent Binet's HhHH, a genre-busting fiction based on the 1942 assassination of 'Butcher of Prague' Reinhard Heydrich, Money by Martin Amis and one of Curtis's favourite white dickheads Hunter S Thompson.

About Strong Words

Strong Words takes the guesswork out of your next book purchase, introduces you to authors and genres and inspires you to read more.

In every issue you’ll find over 100 reviews of the most exciting new publications across a wide range of genres, from fiction and biography through to cook books and children’s books.

You also get interviews with A-list authors such as Sebastian Faulks and Virginie Despentes, as well as writing tips and insights from newcomers and independent publishers.

Click here to find out more and subscribe.

About Ed

Ed Needham's an award-winning editor and veteran of magazines in the UK and US.

He was the editor of the million-selling FHM magazine in the nineties, then moved to New York to launch and edit that title, before becoming managing editor of Rolling Stone magazine and editor-in-chief of US Maxim, then the biggest-selling men’s magazine in the world.

To find out more about Ed's literary tastes and Strong Words magazine, listen to our latest podcast here!


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