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The Dabblers meet Jess Impiazzi

In this guest special, we speak to Jess Impiazzi about her book Silver Linings.

Silver Linings is a memoir about building an authentic path despite life’s challenges. From dropping out of stage school to care for her blind mother to the mirky world of reality TV, it’s an honest reflection on her life and its lessons. This book was a BRILLIANT reminder of why we should always seek out stories from unfamiliar worlds.

As two cynical and grumpy souls, we don’t usually go for a celeb memoir. In fact, other than Curtis’s obsession with The Beatles, Elton John and Charles Dickens (he’s a celebrity right?), we’ve probably never read one. But, we found Silver Linings – and our interview with Jess – both uplifting and heartwarming. Despite our “normal, state-school, broken home” upbringings, Jess’s life felt alien to us. She’s got 300k Instagram followers, a feed of modelling pics and a history of red-top headlines. And yet there was SO much in her book that resonated with us, from stories of London life to divorce to finding the courage to look after your soul. You’ll love the interview! Jess is smart and self-aware, and with a real determination and resilience that’s beyond inspiring. Trust us, this latest pod will have you renewing your resolution to ‘be more positive’! We’ll post again at the end of the Silver Linings blog tour, but for now, grab a cuppa and enjoy this super-duper guest special!


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