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"The ending was overcomplicated and unlikely to happen"

Dead Man's Folly by Agatha Christie

Thanks to young writer Emilia Moňoková from Slovakia for sharing her not-so-positive feelings after reading Dead Man's Folly.

Set the scene for us: What made you pick up the book? Where and when did you read it? How long did it take to read?

  1. I have enjoyed Agatha Christie books in the past, so I opted for another one with an interesting title.

  2. During my summer holidays while sunbathing.

  3. Approx 3-4 hours over a few days.

How did this book make you feel?

The story was very interesting as nothing seemed to be important in finding the murderer and clues didn’t make sense. Based on other Christie's books, I thought the motive was going to be simple and straightforward, but hard for the reader to find out. Yet, that said, the ending was overcomplicated and unlikely to happen. I was a little bit disappointed.

What themes did it explore?

Usual detective ones!

What did you like about the plot/characterisation/writing style?

I liked the chronological order of events, simple and eloquent description of the characters. It was easy to follow.

Who'd love/hate this book?

  1. People looking for an easy read to relax

  2. Children

Found a funny/stupid Amazon one-star review?

"I have ordered a few of these Agatha Christie novels and love the design on these new editions. Unfortunately a different copy has been sent to me which has an image of the itv show instead. Really disappointed. Can't be bothered to return etc and as it's not a gift and just for me will keep it. I won't buy any more from here though."

Thanks so much Emilia for filling in our review form!


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