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Fancy becoming a Dabbler? Write for us!


Have nothing to say? You're probably just the sort of writer we want...

We know what it's like to get to the end of the book and have a lot of feelings without knowing exactly how to articulate them. Trust us, it's how we start every podcast episode.


So we're trying an approach that makes book reviews more open and authentic by focusing on your experience of them. You can of course offer a detailed technical analysis and give as much literary context as you like, but if we wanted arty-farty "oh it was such a beguiling take on a classic Oedipal tale," we'd read The Telegraph or some trash-talking "can-you-tell-I'm-a-writer-too" takedowns on Goodreads. 


As we grow our brilliant and beautiful podcast community, we're after your blogs, opinion pieces and creative writing to share far and wide and help us build a website that's a hub for open, inclusive and authentic book chat.

You can either send us a review using our easy web form or pitch a piece via email

We can't wait to read your words!


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